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About Us

About Us


We are a team of creative people.
We believe in curiosity and creativity.
We are here to make the kids' world curious and parenting journey cherishable forever.

Not the typical products which you come across in any kids store. Gift your child the excitement and
emotion with our unique and versatile product offerings to kindle imagination and curiosity. Let them
discover a whole new world of joy.

We are committed to preserving the lost heritage of wooden toys by designing them unique for the
modern world. Not just toys - wallpapers, books and a whole lot more to keep your children hooked. It's
certainly going to be a timeless treasure to cherish for another generation of children and parents.

Our Promise:
We promise to design and create unique, interesting and durable products that will bring a perceptive
change in your child's developmental milestones and help understand the world around them.

What we deliver:
Happiness today. Treasurable memories tomorrow.

Never stop playing, discovering, learning.