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Everything You Need to Know About Kids Balance Boards


Everything You Need to Know About Kids Balance Boards

Bumpy Ride's Wooden Balancing Board

A Balance board or a Wobble Board is a versatile play accessory for your little one. It is a curved structure made with wood and can be used either for play or for exercise. It can be your little one’s gym or yoga playmate as well! A balancing board is a great toy to have at home if you have toddlers or young kids

A wooden balance board is an open-ended toy that aids in the improvement of kids’ posture, reflexes and balance. They help with strengthening the core muscles and support various physical and cognitive development. When the child has to stay indoors for long hours, and if you are looking for a versatile toy that is super fun and does so much for your child’s growth, then Balance Boards can be a great investment.

Benefits of Balance Boards for Kids

Balancing boards are otherwise referred to as Wobbly or Curvy boards. They come in the form of a curved shape and can be in the natural wood look, or you can customize them with colour options if you require. These boards are a great tool to use indoors when the weather outside does not permit kids to go out. They need some toys to expend all that energy, and a balancing board is a wonderful aid in that way!

The one awesome thing about balance boards is that they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. You can carry them around to different parts of the house or even lug them along in your car when you are travelling, and need something useful and fun to engage the kids with. These boards are so sturdy that even adults can use them when combined with dance movements, yoga stretches and certain exercises with perfect ease.
Bumpy Rides Wooden Balancing Boards


As the name suggests, balance boards help with improving static balance in kids. When kids can get a grip on body equilibrium, it helps with other skills they would need later on in life, such as riding a bicycle, moving their body with ease, excelling in sports, and performing everyday tasks. When children get a sense of their own bodies and their movement becomes smooth and fluid, they get a sense of whole-body coordination. Regular play on balance boards can help with improved body posture. Climbing, walking, getting off, jumping, and balancing contribute to the healthy growth and development of children in many ways


Balance boards help children with gaining awareness of their body position and how it can move. This is called proprioception. Balance boards give children plenty of freedom for playing and discovering ways in which they can move their bodies. Balance boards also help develop spatial awareness in children. They will understand the environment around them better, which in turn will help them perceive where their body is in space in relation to objects or other people.


Balancing boards can be used as an accessory for kids to release all of their pent up energy. When they play on the balance boards, their body strength goes up, and their flexibility is improved. Kids can stretch on the balance boards, and there are actually plenty of yoga postures that they can try out around balance boards.

There are so many physical benefits to playing with balancing boards. They help prevent ankle sprains and strengthen the calves, knees and legs. In addition to all this, it greatly enhances the vestibular system and aids in kids getting used to receiving vestibular input. The vestibular system, which is the inner ear, has relations to balance, movement, and equilibrium.

All they need to do is stand on the boards and once the board starts rocking, they will know how to move, how to shift their body weight in response to stimuli change, etc. They will come to know what exactly they must do and how they must move to stay upright on the board or have the board move the way they want to.


The balancing board can be an exciting rocking toy for your toddler. When it comes to older children, they can serve as excellent climbing toys, relaxing reading nooks or a place to wind down and listen to some soothing music after a long day at daycare or school. The gentle swaying motion of the balancing board can have a relaxing and tranquil effect on kids.

For adults, it's a balancing board. The kids though see so much potential in it. This marvellous open-ended toy has so much to offer in terms of open-ended play opportunities. The balance board can be played in a variety of ways.

It can be a slide, a bridge, a bed for their toys/dolls, and so much more! It can be a mountain for them to climb, or a tent or tunnel to crawl under. It could be a seesaw that they play within their home as opposed to one they use at the playground. When they take all their cars, trucks or other vehicles with the potential to slide down, it becomes a ramp. Balancing boards foster creativity and imagination as kids think of all the ways they can play with them.

With a few cushions, cardboard boxes and sheets, it could be their house, fort, or castle to play in. The kids can sit in it and push it around like a car or boat. You could place the boards upside down and have the kids stand on or jump off the boards. It can also be used as a base for their other toys, as a foundation to construct buildings out of their building blocks - the options are endless!
Kids will be sure to love the boards for the endless and unlimited hours of fun they offer. If your child shows a little reluctance to get on the board, play some music they love or hand over a favourite toy from one end so that they will start shifting their weight and start balancing.

When they keep at it, they will begin to love how the board moves. They may go off-balance several times, but they will be motivated to get better and eventually, this will build their confidence levels.

There are a few things you can do to make things a little more interesting. Once your child has mastered how to use the balance board and they become super confident, you could place a ball between their feet and ask them to keep rocking without the ball falling off. You can squat or simply stand a couple of feet away and pass a softball around and play catch. You could ask them to try dribbling a ball even as they are moving or keep a loop/box a few feet off and ask them to throw the ball into the loop/box.

As you can see, balance boards are not just for individual play. They provide plenty of opportunities for kids to play with each other as a group and provide hours of family fun as well.
Balance boards have so much to offer - fun, healthy growth, and various means of learning and play. This unique shaped, open-ended, versatile gross motor toy will be a brilliant addition to your child’s play space.

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