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Fabric Printed Snake and Ladder Board Game


Fabric Printed Snake and Ladder Board Game

If there is one board game you played with as a kid, it’s snake and ladders. Do you remember getting right to the top and then lo and beyond, one unlucky throw of the dice, and you have to slide all the way down! This exciting game is loved by kids and adults alike and provides hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family.

This is not just another Snake and Ladder game though. Look closer at the sheets and you will observe a set of instructions like “Do”, “Take”, “Tell”, “Say”, “Sing” and “Act”. Kids learn to take turns, have fun with their friends/family, and learn values such as empathy, positive attitude, gratitude and even learn a thing or two about exercising and relaxing.

Kids will learn to express themselves and articulate more when they land up in the squares that instruct them to tell a story or a joke, or a good thing that happened that day. This will help in improving their vocabulary. Backward counting, doing a set of five sit-ups and just getting a grasp of landing on which number helped them scoot up a ladder and which number got them kicked down the snake help them with polishing their numeracy skills. Playing this game regularly will enhance overall physical and cognitive development. There are no pawns here - they get to stand on the sheet, climb up the ladder, come down the snake, and perform a whole series of tasks before they can win. 

Fabric Printed snake and ladder game for kids
Fabric Printed Snake and Ladder

How to Play

Made out of the finest thin poly fabric material, it has to be pasted on a flat surface. Vibrant and creative, the cute and attractive snake emojis will draw kids of all ages. All you have to do is paste the fabric onto the floor using the removable glue tape. It comes with colourful fabric dice which is strong and durable. Get it rolling and let the game begin!

The player who reaches the “End” first wins. He has to turn around to the other players and thank them for the fun time they shared together - for all the laughs, jokes, stories, songs, learning and positive words directed at them

Sounds wonderful, right?

Check out Bumpy Rides' Fabric Printed, Activity-loaded Snake and Ladder Game to get this lovely playsheet for your kid. It will make for an excellent gift for birthdays and holidays or times they have to spend time indoors.

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