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Baby Visual Stimulation Cards for 0 to 12 months

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Visual Stimulation Cards for babies

Perfect Early Learning Activity from 0 to 12 months

A newborn baby is very sensitive to bright light. They are normally near sighted. This means that they cannot focus on objects or people that are more than 10 inches away from them. What they see is blurry faces or objects if it is more than 10 inches away. Within a few weeks they can see light and dark ranges, high contrast, and patterns (black and white), and are attracted to bright colors and objects right in front of them.

At 1 month, babies prefer focusing on bright objects within a feet distance. By about 3 months old, babies should be able to focus and track objects.

Black and white picture cards provide plenty of opportunities to watch your baby’s vision develop. This can help you notice right away if there seem to be any issues. Baby’s are attracted to black and white and patterns as newborns. This will make your baby to track the cards with their eyes in the first few months. Bold B&W cards stimulate the development of your newborn’s optic nerves and help develop the baby’s vision. You can start using these cards as soon as your newborn comes home. 

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