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Toddlers Toys 2-4 Years


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Animals and their Homes – Flash Cards

Discover the Wonders of the Animal Kingdom with our Stunning Flash Cards! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of animals with our vivid, lifelike 3D…

Colorful & Large Felt Fabric Dice (10x10cms) – Soft & Spongy Dice for Indoor & Outdoor Play

Large Sized Felt Fabric Dice Six sided felt fabric dice that’s perfect for board games, dice games and more. The soft, spongy and extra large…

Colours and Shapes Flash Cards for Kids

Invest in your child’s future today with our high-quality flashcards. Our Kids Flash Cards serve as a bridge to the enchanting world of colors and…

Counting Math Puzzle Montessori Educational Kids Activity Game

This puzzle game develops logical thinking, geometric imagination, creative abilities and is just perfect for children who are just getting acquainted with mathematics. If you…

Country Flags Flash Cards for Kids

Embark on a global adventure with our meticulously designed World Flags Flash Cards! Our set includes 27 cards, each featuring the flag of a different…

Fruit Themed Visual Stimulation Cards for 1+ Year Babies – 15x15cms – 12 cards

Captivate your little one's imagination and foster early learning with our vibrant and engaging Fruit-Themed Visual Stimulation Cards! Crafted from sturdy 15x15 cm paper board,…

Hand and Feet Hopscotch Game for Kids | 8×3 Feet | Colourful Printing | Highly Durable

Join the fun with the classic game of hopscotch! The child has to use both hands and both feet to play this hopping game. Hand…

Hopscotch English Sensory Pathways (Learn while Play) | 8×3 Feet | Highly Durable

Teach words and alphabets while playing Why Sensory Pathways? Sensory Play is fun and satisfying. Sensory activities can engage children for a longer duration than…