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Baby Visual Stimulation Cards for 0 to 12 months

Perfect Early Learning Activity from 0 to 12 months A newborn baby is very sensitive to bright light. They are normally near sighted. This means…

Bumpy Rides Flash Cards – Birds & Animals (Montessori Learning Activity)

Flash cards are the perfect early education materials for Children. We have beautifully designed these flash cards to make the child learn English words by…

Counting Math Puzzle Montessori Educational Kids Activity Game

This puzzle game develops logical thinking, geometric imagination, creative abilities and is just perfect for children who are just getting acquainted with mathematics. If you…

Hand and Feet Hopscotch Game for Kids | 8×3 Feet | Colourful Printing

Join the fun with the classic game of hopscotch! The child has to use both hands and both feet to play this hopping game. Hand…

Ice Cream Color Matching Learning Activity – with Popsicle Sticks

SWEET AND JOYFUL LEARNING This interactive color recognition, sorting and matching activity inspires kids to recognize basic colors when they play with the delightful popsicles.…

Kids Hopscotch Game Sheet | Jungle Themed Design | Colourful Printing | 8×3 Feet

Join the fun with the classic game of hopscotch! The child has to hop on one foot for a single rectangle and two feet for…

Montessori Math Learning Board Activity | Fun Way to Teach Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication

Introduction: Learn while Play. Make your kid’s learning activity as a fun.  Introduce this felt math board game to your child to make them count…